Upset For The Queen & Kate Middleton As Corgi Passes Away

There’s nothing but drama around Buckingham Palace at the moment. From the Queen’s helicopter hellraising to Pippa Middleton’s Manhattan meandering and Prince Harry’s wandering willy, Liz and the gang have never been out of the headlines.

We’re very sad to report the latest news to hit the royals – 13 year old Monty, the Queen’s oldest corgi, has passed away. Monty formerly belonged to the Queen Mother, and appeared with the Queen in the Olympic skit.

Monty is survived by two other members of his corgi family, Willow and Holly.

Kate Middleton is known to be a great animal lover, winning praise from animal rights charity The League Against Cruel Sports after declining to take part in the Queen’s annual boxing day shoot.

Kate and William own a black cocker spaniel called Lupo that was specially bred for them by Kate’s Mum Carole.

We’re sure a few cuddles from Lupo will cheer the Queen up – let’s hope Kate and Will have trained him well. We can’t imagine the Queen would be pleased if he chewed on some priceless furniture or did a poo on Prince Philip’s special chair – especially if Phil was going commando…