Two women kiss to perfectly shut down #VoteNo campaigner In Ireland

For any of you in Ireland who were sat on the fence ahead of the referendum proposing the legalization of gay marriage, the Vote No campaign will probably tip you to vote yes.

The county’s been littered with bigoted protesters campaigning against the equality of marriage for all and two women have displayed how to perfectly shut them down. With love and nothing else.

When one gay-hating maniac wielding a Vote No placard reading “nature says no,” which remarkably is one of the more understated messages we’ve seen so far, takes to the streets of Belfast, two women plonk them selves right beside his shouts and snog the face off each other. Sometimes words just don’t quite cut it; a kiss on the other hand says exactly what it needs to and the results are actually incredibly moving.

The picture taken and shred by Dave Healy is currently trending on Twitter with the caption: “This is amazing,” which pretty much sums up the image in a nutshell.

All the Vote No protests have been sensationally ridiculous to the point of being hilariously tragic. Bizarrely, many protesting that a child deserves a mother and a father seem to have confused marriage with surrogacy. Distinguishing a difference between the two was clearly too complicated for said Muppets. Honestly, these people actually exist and they walk among us which is a rather terrifying notion:

Ireland will vote to decide if the marriage between two men or two women should be legal. Just a heads up, the UK has same-sex marriage and the country hasn’t fallen apart. Well, not because of same-sex marriage anyway. Without preaching vote yes. Vote yes for love. Vote yes for equality. Vote yes because it’s humane and fair. Finally.