‘Twilight’ Star Reveals Hair Loss Over Awards Stress

‘Twilight’ actress Anna Kendrick is used to spending a lot of time in the public eye alongside her co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but nothing could prepare her for the stress that she felt when she was nomination for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her part in ‘Up In The Air’.

The actress was talking on The Late Show With David Letterman when she revealed that the stress built so much that she started to lose her hair.

Of the nominations, Anna said: “It was a lot of fun but it was so stressful and I was so terrified, which was weird. I felt like, ungrateful or something. I felt like I shouldn’t be this stressed out. I felt like I was always gonna break out in hives.

“I managed to suppress that… but journalists would always be saying, ‘Aren’t you having the best time? Isn’t this the best time of your life?’ And logically I knew that it was, but my body was telling me that things were getting crazy and I was, like, losing my hair.”

She also added: “I was pretty stressed out. And then on top of it, you’re getting put in these dresses and people are asking you, ‘What are you wearing?’ I just wanna sleep, that’s what I want.”

Anna will be a part of the promotion for the final installment of the ‘Twilight Saga’ for the new movie, ‘Breaking Dawn – Part Two’.

But aside from vamps and werewolves, Anna is actually starring in new movie ‘Pitch Perfect’, which is set for release on December 21.