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Pinocchio (2014–)

The story highlights the effect of media on the life of a young boy as it potentially destroys his family and his lifestyle.

IMDb7.9 (717 ratings)
CastJong-Suk Lee, Shin-hye Park, Hee-Bong Byun, Kyung Jin
Country South Korea
Rotten Tomatoes
MetacriticNo Ratings Yet

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1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010-08-30)

Picture of Sungkyunkwan Scandal
8.3 (1,905 ratings)

& Starring Min-Young Park, Yoo-chun Park, Ah-in Yoo, Joong-Ki Song.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a 2010 South Korean fusion historical drama about a girl who disguises herself as a boy while attending...

2. That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013-02-13)

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3. The Joseon Gunman (2014-06-25)

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It’s the 19th Century and as western influences spread across Asia, Korea’s Joseon dynasty is experiencing great upheaval and rapid...