Tulisa Contostavlos Debut Novel ‘Will Flop Like Her Album’: The Best Twitter Reactions

Former X Factor judge and popstar Tulisa Contostavlos announced this weekend she’s publishing her first novel, ‘Sky’ and while the book isn’t set to hit shelves until October fans have already been letting the star know exactly what they think about this change of direction in her career.

According to the press release from publishers Headline, the novel is a semi-autobiographical tale of one London born girl’s quest for fame and is “impossible to forget”.

“It is the story of a young woman destined for stardom, who never gave up. No matter what,” the statement revealed.

“Tulisa’s debut novel is impossible to put down. And impossible to forget.”

But it looks like some fans have already made up their minds when it comes to Tulisa’s literary talents, with one Twitter users claiming: “Tulisa Contostavlos has “written” a novel. The central character is called Sky Beradino who “dreams of stardom”. Shoot me now.”

Expectations for a Booker prize might have to be put on the back burner, one fan predicted: “Tulisa writing a book…lol that will flop just like her album.”

While another appeared skeptical of her abilities when it came to putting pen to paper.

“Tulisa is releasing her first book? Wow I didn’t realise she could read let alone write,”

Tulisa: Is she going to be the next JK Rowling? (WENN)

Another feared it might not be the highest caliber of writing: “Tulisa is writing a novel. Why lord? Have you seen her spelling on twitter? #endofthebookindustry #mutation”

Fans were given a taster of just what they could expect from the wannabe page turner, with a synopsis stating: “In 2005 a South London schoolgirl huddles cold and wet on the kerb. Her bruised eye swollen shut, her schoolbag dirty and torn.

“Sky Beradino dreams of coming out on top – just for once – and vows that no one will keep her down forever. In 2013, a talented young actress takes a deep breath before stepping out on stage.

“Glamorous, confident and beautiful, only the very closest to her know the price she has paid.”

Even with this juicy preview it seems the news wasn’t entirely welcomed as some fans were annoyed the star had dared to venture out of her music niche: “So tulisa has written a novel =/ why?? just stick to autotune and ruining music she doesnt need to cross over into books”

But at least one person was looking forward to it: “Tulisa is releasing a novel!? MOVE OVER CHARLES DICKINS!”

Let’s hope there’s a better reaction when the book hits the shelves!