TOWIE’s Joey Essex Throws A Punch At Ricky Rayment

TOWIE's Joey Essex Throws A Punch At Ricky Rayment

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Despite declaring he’s “the King of Essex now Mark Wright has left,” Joey Essex seems to have lost the lothario crown to newcomer Ricky Rayment, who is currently dating most of The Only Way Is Essex cast, much to Joey’s dismay.

The young stud seems to be trying it on with all the Essex ladies, and as well as dating Cara and going for flirty coffees with Lydia, Ricky has also been a busy boy texting Jessica Wright and Lauren Goodger (let’s not even mention rumours that he’s been seen canoodling with Bianca Gascoigne last week!).

Arg, who had words with Ricky last week about his relationship with Lydia, is shocked at his antics, saying: “This kid doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.”

Arg’s good friend Joey Essex labels the young upstart “a creep,” especially after he finds out that Ricky has been badmouthing him behind his back.

Even Cara, who has been dating Ricky for the past few weeks, is wary of his behaviour, calling him “a bit of a loose cannon.”

Ricky however, doesn’t feel like he’s done anything to deserve his bad reputation and tells a sympathetic Lydia: “At the moment I look like the bad boy, but it’s not like that.”

Things reached boiling point at Lauren Goodger’s shop re-opening party, and following Ricky’s very public flirt with Lauren, a furious Joey Essex confronted the Italian hunk, asking Ricky: “Why have you been talking behind my back?”

The conversation soon turned into shouting as Ricky claimed not to remember the things he had said because he was drunk at the time.

Joey’s temper got the better of him and the normally mild-mannered TOWIE star threw a punch at Ricky, and the episode ended with a large dose of drama as both boys re-enacted Hugh Grant and Colin Firth’s fight in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason outside of Lauren’s shop.

What did you think about all the drama tonight? We can’t believe there’s only one episode left in this series!

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