Tori Spelling On Woman Who Slept With Her Husband: ‘Dean Did This, Not Her’

Tori Spelling does not blame the other woman, Emily Goodhand, who had an affair with her husband Dean McDermott, but she admits that she thought the couple had a “very good sex life”.

The 40-year-old saw the debut of her new reality show, True Tori, air this week which followed the estranged couple as they tried to repair their relationship after Dean was caught cheating on his wife.

Following Emily Goodhand’s claims that Dean would complain that the couple had a “sexless” marriage, Tori has hit back at that.

Talking to Us Weekly, the mother-of-four, said: “For having four children and very chaotic schedules, I thought we had a very, very good sex life.

“Dean said he didn’t say that to her. It’s ‘he said’/’she said,’ and I obviously haven’t talked to Emily so I don’t know what he said to her.”

Us Weekly broke the story of Dean’s infidelity in December after he had cheated on Tori with the 28-year-old during a trip to Toronto. The new show reveals that while Tori wants to “grow old” with Dean, she can’t even bring herself to hug him when the couple go for joint therapy.

Tori, who is mother to seven-year-old Liam, five-year-old Stella, two-year-old Hattie and Finn, 20 months, said that she doesn’t even know what Emily Goodhand looks like.

“I have written her name in my phone multiple times for Google Images,” Tori said.”and when it comes up, I can’t look at it.”

But it’s not Emily that she blames for the affair, as Tori acknowledges that she wasn’t faithful to her husband Charlie Shanian when she met Dean. He was also married to Mary Jo Eustace. “I was called a home-wrecker and a husband-stealer,” she said.

“I remember thinking, ‘If this ever happened to me, I’d be p***ed at my husband.'”

Of blaming the other woman, she said: “I have never held Emily Goodhand responsible. Dean did this, not her.”