Best movies & tv shows about Religion & Faith to watch so far in 2017

Making movies about religions is a tough thing to accomplish; with a topic so delicate, a filmmaker is likely to raise some controversy somewhere. Which makes it all the more necessary to keep on making art which questions various beliefs and faith. Movies can be great instruments to keep debates going and to broaden up viewers’ horizons. This list features films that all deal with religion & faith.

Find the latest tv shows & movies related to 'Religion & Faith', released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The best Religion & Faith-related movies & series released so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

New 2017 movies to watch right now

Movies categorized under 'Religion & Faith' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Pilgrimage


11 Aug 2017
by Brendan Muldowney

A holy relic must be brought back to Rome. The monks did not realize the danger that awaits them as they go..... Read more

Picture of Silence


13 Jan 2017
by Martin Scorsese

Two Portuguese missionaries go to feudal Japan to find their mentor. During their journey, they witness..... Read more

Picture of Brimstone


12 Jan 2017
by Martin Koolhoven

Strange things started happening when the Reverend arrives at a town in the old west. Liz is scared for her..... Read more

New 2017 series to watch right now

Original series categorized under 'Religion & Faith' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Herrens veje

Herrens veje

by Adam Price

The plot revolves around a family of priests where the Father is treated with immense respect by both his..... Read more

The Best movies & tv series about Religion & Faith of the last decade

    Picture of Religulous


    03 Oct 2008
    by Larry Charles

    A documentary where Bill Maher interviews people from different religious backgrounds.

    .. Read more
    Picture of Agora


    09 Oct 2009
    by Alejandro Amenábar

    Taking place in Roman Egypt, a slave turns to Christianity with the hopes of finding freedom. He also falls..... Read more

    Picture of Preacher



    A supernatural occurrence at a church coerces its preacher to recruit a vampire to help him find God.

    .. Read more
    Picture of Joven y Alocada

    Joven y Alocada

    30 Nov 2012
    by Marialy Rivas

    Daniela is raised in a strict Christian family. But her sexual desires cause tension in her family as she..... Read more

    Picture of El Club

    El Club

    13 Aug 2015
    by Pablo Trapero

    A Catholic church sends a counselor to a small Chilean beach town after an incident occurs. Living in this..... Read more

    Picture of Sang Kiai

    Sang Kiai

    30 May 2013
    by Rako Prijanto

    Hasyim Asyari is a Muslim Cleric. “Sang Kiai” follows his story during the Japanese Occupation..... Read more

    Picture of Paradise: Faith

    Paradise: Faith

    21 Mar 2013
    by Ulrich Seidl

    Anna Maria is a single and middle-aged woman. A devout Catholic, she spends her summer vacation doing..... Read more

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