Best movies & tv shows about Heroin, Cocaine, LSD & Drugs

At the end of the 1960’s, American cinema changed drastically. The age of melodramatic, puritan classical Hollywood was over. In came the raw energy of the 60’s youth culture. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll were all over the place. Ever since, we’ve seen many iconic movies dealing with heroin, cocaine and all sorts of other drugs. Just think of classic movies like ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’ or ‘Requiem for a Dream’…

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New 2017 series

Picture of Snowfall
Picture of Godless

The Best movies & tv series about Heroin, Cocaine, LSD & Drugs of the last decade

    Picture of Prófugos
    Picture of Escobar, El patrón del mal
    Picture of The Wire
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