Best movies & tv shows about Dancing & Ballet to watch so far in 2017

Most people love the liberating art form of dance. For others it is not so liberating, as becoming the very best ballet dancer, or any type of dancer for that matter, takes determination and discipline that frequently borders on being unhealthy.

Find the latest tv shows & movies related to 'Dancing & Ballet', released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The best Dancing & Ballet-related movies & series released so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

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Movies categorized under 'Dancing & Ballet' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Matilda


26 Oct 2017
by Aleksey Uchitel

Matilda is a gifted and precocious child who is not loved and appreciated by her family. She finds love..... Read more

The Best movies & tv series about Dancing & Ballet of the last decade

    Picture of Ciudad Delirio

    Ciudad Delirio

    02 Sep 2015
    by Chus Gutiérrez

    A Colombian dancer teaches a doctor how to dance salsa, leading them into being more than just dance..... Read more

    Picture of Pina


    24 Feb 2011
    by Wim Wenders

    A documentary on one of the most impactful choreographers, Pina Bausch. Her dancers pay tribute to her by..... Read more

    Picture of Magic Mike

    Magic Mike

    29 Jun 2012
    by Steven Soderbergh

    Mike Lane is a roofer by day and a male stripper by night. He longs to pursue his dreams of owning a..... Read more

    Picture of Black Swan

    Black Swan

    17 Dec 2010
    by Darren Aronofsky

    Nina is a ballerina whose life is totally consumed by dance. When offered the lead role of Swan Lake, she..... Read more

    Picture of Step Up

    Step Up

    11 Aug 2006
    by Anne Fletcher

    Tyler Gage is a troublemaker and a street dancer. He meets Nora, an up and coming dancer, and has the..... Read more

    Picture of Billy Elliott

    Billy Elliott

    10 Nov 2000
    by Stephen Daldry

    A talented young dancer fights for his dreams despite opposition from his parents and even society.

    .. Read more

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