Best movies & tv shows about Chess to watch so far in 2017

Albert Einstein was friends with the biggest chess player of their time – Emanuel Lasker, and Einstein thought the game of chess was a huge waste of Lasker’s intellect. Many would disagree and consider chess to be one of the most important and challenging things in life. Many movies have been made about the game, especially about it’s brilliant and eccentric players.

Find the latest tv shows & movies related to 'Chess', released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The best Chess-related movies & series released so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

The Best movies & tv series about Chess of the last decade

    Picture of Computer Chess

    Computer Chess

    07 Nov 2013
    by Andrew Bujalski
    Picture of Pawn Sacrifice

    Pawn Sacrifice

    25 Sep 2015
    by Edward Zwick
    Picture of The Dark Horse

    The Dark Horse

    17 Jul 2014
    by James Napier Robertson
    Picture of Queen of Katwe

    Queen of Katwe

    30 Sep 2016
    by Mira Nair

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