Best movies & tv shows about Bullying & Cyberbullying to watch so far in 2017

One of the biggest problems occurring from the pervasiveness of the internet is that now kids not only get bullied at school, but also in the privacy of their own bedroom. Via the internet or whatsapp cyberbullies terrorize their victims, often without even realizing how much damage they are doing. Suicide is unfortunately too often the result. A very relevant topic that deserves good movies & tv shows to change things.

Find the latest tv shows & movies related to 'Bullying & Cyberbullying', released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The best Bullying & Cyberbullying-related movies & series released so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

New 2017 movies to watch right now

Movies categorized under 'Bullying & Cyberbullying' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Before I Fall

Before I Fall

03 Mar 2017
by Ry Russo-Young

Young Sam has her future ahead of her, until her love comes to a tragic end. She is stuck re-living her..... Read more

New 2017 series to watch right now

Original series categorized under 'Bullying & Cyberbullying' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of You are Wanted

You are Wanted

by Hanno Hackfort, Bob Konrad, Richard Kropf

The plot revolves around a victim of cyber-crime attack whose accounts and profiles get hacked and misused..... Read more

The Best movies & tv series about Bullying & Cyberbullying of the last decade

    Picture of Hana yori dango

    Hana yori dango

    by N/A

    The plot revolves around a school largely accommodating the rich kids from powerful families. Makino finds..... Read more

    Picture of Magic Magic

    Magic Magic

    28 Aug 2013
    by Sebastián Silva

    Alicia is excited to take a road trip through Chile with her cousin, Sara. But when her cousin can’t..... Read more

    Picture of Night Flight

    Night Flight

    28 Aug 2014
    by Hee-il Leesong

    Three teenage boys were once best friends, but distance has come between them in high school. After finding..... Read more

    Picture of Respire


    11 Sep 2015
    by Mélanie Laurent

    Charlie and Sarah are two teenage girls who develop a friendship. But when Sarah gets tired of her, things..... Read more

    Picture of The Dirties

    The Dirties

    06 Jun 2014
    by Matt Johnson

    Two best friends want revenge on the bullies at their school, so they film a comedy showing just that...... Read more

    Picture of Aterträffen


    15 Nov 2013
    by Anna Odell

    When Anna was not invited to the class reunion, she makes a film about how she confronts the old bullies..... Read more

    Picture of Play


    11 Nov 2011
    by Ruben Östlund

    Five black teenagers bully an Asian and two white teens. They fool them into doing simple things for just..... Read more

    Picture of Quand on a 17 ans

    Quand on a 17 ans

    30 Mar 2016
    by André Téchiné

    Damien resents his parents when they invited Thomas, a bully at school, to stay with them while his mother..... Read more

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