Top Hollywood Stars Who Preferred Acting to Studying

Not all successful Hollywood stars dropped out of college and bought a ticket to go to L.A with a few clothes and a determined heart. Some of them stayed in school and received impressive credentials before appearing on your favorite TV show.

According to the free essay writer, they encourage their children and fans to study hard instead of dropping out to act. The importance of education cannot be emphasized enough especially in our modern society.

Some successful Hollywood stars will donate all their assets to charity. But the one thing they cannot afford to have their children miss is a good education. Today, you are going to discover the celebrities who preferred acting to studying.

1. James Franco

According to essay writing service, James Franco was originally studying at UCLA in 1999 before dropping out to focus on acting. However, like most drop-outs, James regretted making this decision and re-enrolled at UCLA in 2006.

James pushed himself hard by cramming all the courses he got into. James studied hard at school while working on the set of the famous movie, Milk. Whenever he had to go to San Fransisco to work on this movie, he would ask his colleagues to record the lectures. He would listen to them in his trailer at night. After two years, he graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in English. He also wrote a novel as his thesis.

He didn’t stop there. He moved to New York and studied at Columbia University. He later received a Masters’ Degree in English. While studying at Columbia University, he also enrolled at New York University to study filmmaking and at Brooklyn College to study fiction writing. At the moment, James is planning to finish his higher education at Yale with another master’s in English.

2. Bradley Cooper

Contrary to what he portrays in The Hangover, Bradley Cooper is not a burnout. He graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s degree in English in 1999 through the help of pay for essay website which assisted lots of students.

When he was a child, he often dreamt of joining the military school and becoming a ninja. As he got older, he decided to pursue a more realistic career. After graduating, he packed all his belongings and moved to New York. He enrolled at Pace University and received a Master’s degree in acting in 2000.

He went on to do a series of popular television shows such as Jack and Bobby and The Street to name a few. Finally, Bradley landed a role in the Wedding Crashers that became a great hit. He has been nominated for Academy Awards for performing remarkably well in movies such as American Sniper, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.

3. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson is popular for playing the hilarious idiot in the movie, Mr. Bean. It’s easy to get deceived that this guy is a dummy after watching this movie. The truth is, he has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Oxford University.

While attending Oxford, he used to perform in sketches and made his first public appearance in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His performances landed him a role on the popular British series, Not Your Nine O’clock News which he wrote and acted.

Rowan built his reputation steadily by using essay titles generator and acting in the movie Johnny English and Mr. Bean. He has managed to do all this while suffering from a bad stutter which he says, tends to go away while he’s acting.

4. Hill Harper

Hill Harper is popular for his role in The Good Doctor and CSI: NY. What most people don’t know about him is he has three Ivy League Degrees. He graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree in Art in 1988.

He later enrolled in Harvard and graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree followed by a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from J.F Kennedy School of Government. While studying at Harper, he met and befriended Barack Obama. He would later play an important role in Obama’s campaign.


As my assignment help reports, education has played an important role in shaping the lives of some of the most prominent Hollywood stars in the world. While some of them dropped out of college and became successful, they all urge their children and those who look up to them to study hard and excel before diving into the world of acting.

Nowadays, it’s not how determined you are but how educated you are. A dropout will have a very hard time competing with people who have three or four degrees in different acting fields. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting a good education. Study what you love and study hard. And maybe one day, we shall review you.


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