Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time

Spending the holidays watching your favorite movies while it snows outside and a Christmas tree is standing in the room is one of the most pleasant and relaxing activities. On the eve of Christmas, we suggest creating a movie list for the upcoming holidays and recall the top 5 best Christmas and New Year films.

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What to Watch at Christmas

Jingle All the Way, 1996

The loving father of the family, alas, is in love with his work. Therefore, he is constantly late for family holidays and forgets about significant dates. After the dad missed an important for his son event once again, he had no choice but to promise the kid a popular Christmas toy, turbo man, as a present for Christmas. The trouble is, it was this toy that became the top of Christmas sales and the first to disappear from store shelves. The busy father remembered the need to buy a gift too late. Jingle All the Way has become one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best family comedies.

Rare Exports, 2010

Rare Exports black comedy is filmed for adult viewers, those who can become bearded wizards themselves with the help of In the film annotation, the creators promised that after watching Rare Exports everyone will believe in Christmas. It sounds like a humorous threat, of which it is: you can not only laugh at this movie but also be really scared a couple of times.

The plot is built on the classical canons of horror: in the snowy mountains of Lapland, an unknown corporation conducts mysterious geological surveys. At this time, the inhabitants of the neighboring village are missing the number of reindeer. Some animals died, and some simply escaped. Upset men easily find the culprit of what happened — a naked bearded man. Soon they start suspecting that they had captured Santa Claus himself.

Joulutarina (Christmas Story), 2007

Little Nicholas lived happily until his parents died falling through the ice. The villagers did not abandon the orphan and took care of him: the boy took turns living in each village family. Foster parents took care of him for a year and passed him into other caring hands at Christmas. In gratitude, Nicholas gave children farewell gifts — home-made toys. In one difficult and hungry year, the villagers were forced to send the boy to a remote farm for education, where he had to live and work with an old irritable carpenter.

A Christmas Carol, 2009

This Christmas story is just an adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel. Christmas Story is a cartoon filmed with the actors’ involvement. All animated characters have similarities with their prototypes: Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and others. A new reading of the old story was presented to the audience by director Robert Zemeckis. It was under his strict guidance that the old bogeyman Ebenezer Scrooge got the most suitable for him face. Mr. Scrooge is a financier/money-changer who has devoted his whole life to accumulating wealth. He despises everything but money, including friendship love, and the Christmas holidays on jonsguide.

Home Alone, 1990

Home Alone amuses the second generation of viewers and has made Macaulay Culkin famous all over the world. It seems that everyone knows the plot: the American family goes to Europe for Christmas. But in the bustle of departure, parents, aunts, uncles and older cousins forget one of the family members at home. Left alone, the boy gets ready for Christmas and at the same time confronts a couple of unsuccessful robbers.