Top 5 celebrity bingo lovers

For anyone who thinks Bingo is just a game for pensioners – think again – as there are a whole host of celebrities who love to play Bingo and who you’d love to play Bingo with!

Robbie Williams

The singing superstar has grown used to singing to full-houses during his time as a member of Take That and as a solo artist – so is it any wonder he’s a huge Bingo Fan.

Like many famous people, Robbie enjoys playing bingo online to escape the public glare and those pestering Paparazzi people. He has even been known to post Twitter pictures of himself playing Bingo at home with fellow Take That star Gary Barlow. Robbie, who is also rumoured to play Bingo with other celebrity pals at upmarket clubs and private parties, also entered a Hollywood Charity Bingo Competition to help raise cash for needy causes.

We reckon Robbie’s lucky bingo numbers are probably number 1 (his first seven albums all went to that position in the charts), 39 (his age) and 70 (70 million records sold worldwide).

If Robbie was to dedicate one of his songs to Bingo it would have to be – Sing When You’re Winning!

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon loves nothing more than marking people’s cards on the X-Factor, so it’s easy to see why she’s been seen X-ing numbers out on a Bingo card on several occasions.

We reckon Sharon’s lucky bingo number is 25 (her position in the Sunday Times list of Britain’s richest women), whilst her unlucky number might be five – the number of times she has failed to win the X-Factor whilst being a judge on the show. Despite not winning, she’s returned for another stint as judge on the programme and, like any good Bingo player, her motto is – if at first you don’t succeed try and try again.

Denise van Outen

Denise is officially Bingo mad, and can often be found out with the girls enjoying a night of Bingo at one of Essex’s Bingo halls. In fact, she’s so mad for it, she even tried persuading her radio co-stars to join her on a night out. Never mind Denise – if they won’t go, you can always play online.

We reckon Denise’s lucky Bingo numbers are 4 (the TV channel she got her presenting break), 7 (the age she started modelling at) and 10 (the number of the series of Strictly Come Dancing she starred in).

Kate Moss

Kate may have always been a bit of a marmite model; her looks dividing those opinions of people who think a model should look like a number 1 (Kelly’s Eye) or 8 (one fat lady) – but each to their own.

Renowned for her enjoying herself at all the world’s best parties, Kate also loves playing Bingo with best-mate Sadie Frost and recently said, “I had a great time on Saturday night playing bingo at home with the kids.”

If you’ve ever wondered which celebrity might be the most fun to play bingo with, we reckon we’ve found him – actor Ricky Tomlinson.

Apart from the fact he’s one of the funniest men alive, Ricky loves Bingo that much he released a song about it and a Bingo board game. You can even watch him on Youtube teaching people the Bingo Boogie.

We reckon Ricky’s lucky Bingo numbers are 5 (the number of characters he played in his Bingo Game) and Buckle My Shoe 32 (the numbers of films he’s acted in).

Unfortunately, he wasn’t as successful as a singer and his song didn’t trouble the charts – oh well, we’d still love to stay in and play online Bingo with you Ricky if you’re still embarrassed about that.