Top 5 Best Movies of All Time About CBD and Cannabis

People have used movies to sell, promote, demonize, and almost do anything. Videos can be great tools for propaganda and education, depending on what a user wants to achieve. But how have they helped the cannabis revolution? Is the cannabis industry harnessing this tool effectively to give weed its rightful place in human life?

This post examines the top ten cannabis and CBD movies of all time. We shall examine how these movies have shaped the public’s mind to rethink cannabis. Keep reading to learn more.

Top Reasons to Watch a Cannabis Movie

We already saw how movies are powerful tools for achieving any goal—good or bad. So, why should you watch a CBD and cannabis movie? Here are the top reasons to indulge in cannabis-inspired content.


Cannabis is just emerging from eight decades of intentional political demonization. Thus, education is necessary to make the public understand that God made cannabis for a reason, and it isn’t “the devil’s weed with roots in hell.” So, it’s high time you put on your learning gear to separate the facts from politically correct indoctrination.


You can also combine education with entertainment and gain edutainment value from a cannabis movie. Various movies pass on a positive cannabis concept and explain the varied benefits of reviving this industry.


You can also draw inspiration from these movies if you want to learn more about this plant. The movies can inspire you about its correct use and benefits to society. This way, some consumers can learn how to choose the cheapest CBD vape juice or pick the right cannabis strain for their health needs. Some documentaries share user journeys, tell brand stories, and explain how cannabis has helped people and nations.


Lastly, you should watch cannabis movies because they are a great way to connect with like-minded people. These movies are excellent tools for sparking meaningful conversations and bringing people together.

The Top 10 Cannabis Movies to Watch in 2023

Here is our list of the top ten cannabis movies to watch this year.

#1 GrassRoots

GrassRoots is a Cannabis Revolution movie launched in 2015. This inspiring documentary focuses on the grassroots movements that helped legalize recreational cannabis. It explores the legal and political journey cannabis activists took to fight for institutional reforms that legalized marijuana.

#2 Culture High

This documentary delves into the details of the war on drugs. It shows how the state used money, politicians, and biased media to shape (warp, distort) society’s cannabis perspective. This movie enlightens users about cannabis’s benefits and long-term effects.

#3 Weed the People

The 2018 Netflix movie is highly emotional and educational. It covers different families’ stories as they helped their ailing children using weed. This movie is similar to the CBD Nation. Abby Epstein directs this movie. The documentary features interviews with doctors who support cannabis for medical use. The movie is a great alternative information source the biased conventional media ignores.

#4 Hempsters

This compelling 2009 documentary follows five grassroots activists traveling across the United States to support hemp reforms. The movie gives viewers a fresh perspective into how much progress passionate people unite and fight for their convictions. This documentary is a must-watch for all those seeking to enter the cannabis industry.

#5 Kings of Kush (2021)

Kings of Cush is a movie featuring Anthony Sullivan, who produced it. Anthony left a 30-year TV career when his daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder. He searched for a remedy but didn’t find it until he resorted to CBD. His experience made him start his hemp firm. In the episodes, Anthony tells his audience about CBD and how he grows cannabis on his farm.

Sullivan is curious and seeks to learn more about marijuana. He shares his insights and experiences with his viewers, educating them about cannabis’ benefits. This movie is the best pick for anyone seeking to watch an educational marijuana movie.

#6 CBD Nation (2020)

This 2020 movie is perfect for anyone seeking to learn from true cannabis stories. David Jakubovic directed and produced this film to examine the research and evidence behind CBD. He features life stories from patients who have benefited from CBD consumption by creating a full picture of what CBD means for viewers.

The film also features scientific research to back the movie’s claims and positions on different CBD dimensions. David interviews cannabis-friendly scientists and doctors who educate viewers about cannabis’s medical potential and benefits.

The producer says this movie isn’t just about marijuana. Instead, he says it’s about the formerly suppressed science behind weed.

#7 American Hemp

Most people have never watched a meaningful documentary detailing what an average American CBD producer goes through. Would you like to see how such businesses operate to get your favorite products to your doorsteps? Then this film is ideal for you.

This series handles this matter in detail. The documentary educates viewers about a general story that succeeded in America’s cannabis space. It details a CBD firm’s full daily work and experience across different levels and talks about harvesting and selling cannabis products.

This informative film is a perfect orientation into the CBD world for anyone seeking to familiarize themselves with the cannabis industry. Thus, you’re sure to see a great tool for learning more about cannabis, especially CBD, in this piece of content. It can also benefit those who have prior CBD knowledge.

#8 Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis (2017)

This PBS documentary shows audiences marijuana’s role in modern medicine. It uses patients, doctors, and even skeptics to pass its message. The film is balanced because it gives viewers a two-sided view of medical cannabis. Thus, the movie is a great pick for those who want to learn more about marijuana as medicine and not just another tool to get one “high.”

#9 Grass Is Greener

Grass Is Greener is a documentary starring Snoop Dogg, Damien Marley, Killer Mike, and many other celebrities who discuss how cannabis has been weaponized and the moves they have taken to remedy the situation.

The movie discusses the inequalities and imbalances in the cannabis space. For instance, it addresses the current racist anti-drug policies and covers other emotional and debatable topics an average Netflix show may not cover.

Its creators use celeb marijuana activists as major speakers. The film also features a few anecdotes that make it more relatable to people’s real-life experiences.

#10 Cooked With Cannabis

Are you a cannabis food enthusiast? Do you love cannabis cuisines and diets? Then this movie is your best pick. It has a series where chefs compete to create the best and tastiest THC and CBD recipes.

This reality show features special guests to grace its episodes, who taste the meals the chefs cook. The film offers cannabis edible lovers a chance to witness various ways of making tasty cannabis edibles. It shows viewers what cannabis-edible chefs do in their restaurants. Thus, it’s a good place to learn how to make great cannabis foods.

Closing Remarks

Movies are excellent tools for marketing ideas, products, and services. That’s why the cannabis industry has embraced them as tools for promoting education among marijuana users. This post discussed the top ten cannabis and CBD movies you should watch to boost your passion. We hope you will sample those that resonate well with you and watch them with your friends and family.

The author of this material is Denys Svirepchuk, a passionate fan and advocate of the cannabis industry. Denys works as a full-time blogger at AskGrowers and shares valuable and informative pieces of content with readers and cannabis consumers. He believes in the power of consumer education and seeks to expand people’s horizons with educational content exploring the benefits of weed from various perspectives.