Too Offensive? Avril Lavigne’s Controversial ‘Hello Kitty’ Video Pulled From YouTube

Avril Lavigne has found herself caught up in heat over the controversial music video for her latest single ‘Hello Kitty’ which has now been removed from YouTube just hours after it premiered following a negative response from fans.

The 29-year-old unveiled the video for the fourth single lifted off her latest self-titled album yesterday but it didn’t exactly receive the feedback Avril was no doubt hoping for, with fans ridiculing the Asian-themed clip and critics calling it an “embarrassment.”

Avril Lavigne in the ‘Hello Kitty’ music video (YouTube)

It seems YouTube caught wind of the controversy as they appear to have now pulled the clip from their website less than 24 hours after it premiered although a reason is yet to be offered considering the clip hasn’t violated any obvious terms and conditions such as violence or nudity.

The video sees Avril making her way around the streets of Tokyo with a group of Asian dancers who are pulling expressionless faces and performing a choreographed routine.

Some furious fans have taken to Twitter to blast the video, including @KetsyBatschke who wrote: “When is @AvrilLavigne going to make a statement about the horribly racist/stereotyped song and video that is Hello Kitty.”

@desusnice commented: “Not sure if this Avril Lavigne video is terrible, racist, or terribly racist.”

@vickiclark18 added: “What on earth is Avril Lavigne’s new music video?! What….?! I mean….is it a bit racist or what? I mean, it’s terrible. Really terrible.”

The video is still available to watch on Avril’s website.