Tom Hardy Loves Knocking People ‘The F*** Out’ Dressed In Grandads’ Clothes

Tom Hardy has made playing hard men something of a specialty, what with starring as Charlie Bronson, Britain’s most dangerous criminal, and man mountain Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

But in his latest movie ‘Lawless’ his hard man character eschews bare chested tubthumping for a more sedate style, opting for a baggy cardigan despite being a gangster with an ability for violence and criminal interests to match.

According to The Sun, Hardy said: “The cardigan wasn’t in the script… I had a big f*** load of batteries in the pockets, so it hung down. I looked like your grandad, but I had a swagger. A cardigan with a swagger, right?”

Adding: “Imagine getting knocked the f*** out by a dude in a cardigan?”

Well we struggled to, until the man in the cardigan was Mr Hardy, but as one soon to be infamous scene in the movie shows, Hardy’s character Forrest Bondurant shows his skill at inflicting pain with a knuckle duster.

If we saw Hardy marching towards in a night shirt, pipe and slippers, getting knocked out would probably be the least of our worries.