Tom Hardy Driven by His Own Fear of Addiction

 The Sun Military Awards 2013 - Arrivals

‘Inception’ actor Tom Hardy has revealed that he is driven to succeed by the fear of his own addiction. He knows what he is capable of doing if he allowed himself to get drunk and won’t let himself destroy the career he has worked hard for. Tom says he thus pushes himself to never allow that to happen and won’t ruin everything for himself by losing control of his life:

 ”If I had four pints of lager and half a bottle of vodka I could turn this room into an absolute f***ing nightmare in about three minutes. I could destroy everything in my life I have worked so hard for.If I stop working they might take it away from me. People will say, ‘Tommy you’re doing well,’ and I say, ‘Am I?’ In my head I’m still the kid. Does that make sense?”

Tom loves his career and doesn’t want to lose it – he fears not being able to act and compares it closely with his previous alcohol addiction which he struggled with:

 ”I love what I do, but it’s driven by a fear of not being able to do it. It’s the same with drinking – if I stop then who am I? What have I got? I have to watch that drive. It doesn’t matter how well I am doing, I’m only that far away from f***ing it all up.”

Tom adds that when he was driven to quit drinking alcohol after he lost something important from his life – he hints that the breakdown of his marriage in 2004 caused him to wake up from his addiction:

‘I did something particularly heinous that allowed me to wake up. I had to lose something. Sometimes you have to lose something that is worth more to you than your drinking.”

Photo: PRPhotos