Tom Daley’s Mum Reveals His Big Secrets! He’s Not Had A ‘Proper Girlfriend’

Tom Daley's Mum Reveals His Big Secrets! He's Not Had A 'Proper Girlfriend'

Photo: Wenn

Olympic diver Tom Daley has become a serious pin-up since the build up to the London 2012 Olympic games, especially with those washboard abs, but now in a cringey moment, his mum has revealed that he’s “never had a proper girlfriend”.

The 18-year-old was thrust into the spotlight at the tender age of just 14 at Beijing in 2008, but with all the fame you would have thought that Tom had his pick of the crop when it comes to romance.

But now, his mum Debbie has insisted that her son actually prefers local quiz nights.

Talking to the Mail On Sunday, the 41-year-old said: “Now Tom’s passed his driving test they go off together to a quiz night. But I don’t think they do very well, except on the sports questions. And he’s never had a proper girlfriend – well, not one that he’s told me about!”

Tom missed out on a medal in the synchronised event earlier this week, but is going for gold in his solo event. Meaning that he’ll be stripping down to his trunks once more but that’s a real tan you see.

“He doesn’t use fake tan or sunbeds,” she said. “He moisturises because if he doesn’t the chlorine dries out his skin, but that’s his limit. The one thing he worries about is whether his teeth are white enough. I tell him if they were any whiter he’d look really freaky.”

Stella McCartney, who was the designer behind Team GB’s Olympic kit, was recently asked by Gary Lineker about the hardest part of designing kit and she said it was Tom’s “little thing” – poor lad!

Is Tom your favourite Olympic hottie?