Tom Cruise Offered ‘Unlimited Membership’ For Gay Site Following Katie Holmes Divorce

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce speculation is doing little to quash the long-standing rumours that the Hollywood actor is secretly gay and a gay dating/social networking site has now even issued an open invitation to the star, offering him an unlimited lifetime membership.

The site, named ‘Manhunt’ posted: ‘Dear Tom, sad to hear about the split,’ the invitation reads.

‘Now that the cat’s (or Kat’s) out of the bag and you’ve realized that traditional marriage is a mission impossible, maybe it’s time to explore your options?’

The note concludes: ‘You’ve always had us at “hello”,’ a less-than-subtle nod to Cruise’s acclaimed turn in 1996’s Jerry Maguire.

The 50 -year-old has always battled with speculation surrounding his sexuality. Writes Greg Olear for Salon: “Tom Cruise needs to take a page from the Anderson Cooper playbook. He needs to come out, he needs to come out big-time, and when he gets hitched again, he should marry a guy.”

However, Olear stressed that ‘there has been no public evidence at all – none – to support the [gay] rumours.’

Too funny.

Meanwhile, another day, another Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce update and now the pair have reportedly called a temporary truce, whilst their lawyers try to negotiate a full divorce settlement, TMZ has revealed.

Sources familiar to the situation have revealed that there are no immediate plans for either side to go to court and contrary to previous reports, there will be no court hearing Monday, Tuesday or in the forseeable future, unless the negotiations fall apart.

Another source has since added that the emotional state of the negotiations is ‘calm’, even though it was reported yesterday (July 6) that Tom had hit back at Katie and accused her of ‘playing the media’, following their shock split after five years of marriage.

Stay tuned for more updates…