Tom Cruise ‘Keen To Make Top Gun Sequel,’ Says Director Jerry Bruckheimer

Director Jerry Bruckheimer has confessed that Tom Cruise is keen to make a sequel to the hit movie Top Gun, fans will be happy to hear.

Jerry has had huge hits with the likes of Bad Boys and The Pirates Of The Caribbean but recently experienced a rare flop with The Lone Ranger, comparing the flick to Top Gun when discussing why the film wasn’t a success.

He tells The Guardian: “With Top Gun we just never could crack the story. We tried to develop something, Tom Cruise tried to develop something, Tony Scott [recently] had a way in to it and there was a lot of excitement, but unfortunately we lost him.”

“But Paramount still wants to make a sequel, Tom wants to make a sequel. Tony’s way in was excellent, and if we can get a good director to agree with it, it could happen.”

Exciting stuff!

Tom Cruise in 1986 hit Top Gun (Photo: WENN)

Bruckheimer also spoke out about the box office failure of The Lone Ranger: “The audience tells you what works and what doesn’t. It’s not quite that simple, but you certainly can gauge when you watch an audience where the things that they aren’t embracing come from. So you learn from it.”

He continued: “You learn more from your failures than you do your successes. If there are things in movies we think we could have done better, you hope to imprint that on the next movie. You learn from the past, from things that might not have worked. And you try not to do it again.”