Tom Cruise Filing For Full Custody Of Suri As Well? Star’s ‘Main Priority’ Is Access To His Daughter

Tom Cruise might have turned 50 this week but we reckon this is one birthday the megastar will want to forget as he gears up to fight a vicious court battle to gain custody of his six year-old daughter Suri Cruise.

The star sat down with his legal team yesterday (July 4) and worked out a strategy after his wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce last week (June 28) and sole custody of their daughter according to RadarOnline with his main priority getting temporary visitation of Suri who is currently in New York with her mother.

“Tom has told Dennis and Bert Fields, his long-time entertainment lawyer, that his first priority is getting a court order in place, obviously a temporary one, that will allow him to legally see his daughter,” an insider close to Cruise told RadarOnline.

The star claimed he was “deeply saddened” by Katie’s decision to end their five year marriage, but has been further shocked by her efforts to keep him away from Suri.

“Tom is extremely disappointed that Katie filed in New York, and he feels that she is trying to cut him out of their daughter’s life,” the source explained, “he won’t tolerate it and told his lawyers that if he personally needs to go to court and make a plea in front of the judge for an order allowing him to see his daughter, he will.”

Cruise reportedly tried to convince Katie to come to Iceland with Suri for his 50th birthday earlier this week in the hope he could talk her out of the divorce but the phone call ended in a “blazing” row when the Dawson’s Creek star made it clear the marriage was over. Instead Tom spent his birthday travelling to Los Angeles to consider his legal situation.

“Suri knew it was his birthday on Tuesday, and she said she had made a card for him and made him a gift, and it just tore at his heart,” the went on.

With the marriage clearly in tatters, all the ‘Jerry Maguire’ star’s efforts are now going into gaining custody of his daughter and could potentially seek full legal custody as well.

“Tom has faith in his lawyers, and the legal system,” the source added, “[he] is also discussing the possibility of pursuing full legal custody of Suri.”

Having gained full custody of his adopted children Bella and Connor when he split with Nicole Kidman the star thinks he has a strong case, though he is still confused as to why his estranged wife is acting so “extreme”.

“He is just at a loss as to why Katie would go to such extreme measures when she decided to file for divorce,” the source claimed.