Today’s Streaming TV Series

Many cable networks have sprung from the 1970s, however back then the exposure level was reduced. In addition, the producers were competing on choosing concepts, actors and showing off their skills on schedule. Today, the huge difference is that the streaming revolution gains force and the companies that enter the productions are the largest in the world. Netflix is considered small when compared to its oncoming competitors. However, it has brought a huge impact in TV streaming service and companies like Apple and Amazon are stepping on its steps. Let not forget, that despite Netflix’s start, the streaming revolution has barely begun.

It can be certainly said that the best shows that have been broadcasted online are on Netflix, but let’s not forget about HBO giant that came with an online streaming service before Netflix. But because the competition is increasing, more TV networks are coming with their idea of TV streaming and TV shows. Below you can find one of the best-known TV series that helped the rise of TV streaming knowledge.

  1. Tut Mini Series

You certainly have heard about the famous story of Tutankhamun and the discovery of its famous golden mask. Not to forget to mention that even a 3D scan of his image has been done, in order to be more familiar with us. In addition to his popularity, the Tut series have been created by the Spike TV channel. The channel has tried to be more known in the world of streaming through these series, however in 2018 Spike has been rebranded into the Paramount Network.

The Tut mini series is a three-night phantasm with the story about a Tutankhamun who ruled Egypt from circa 1332 to 1323 B.C. The opening credits give the feel of “Game of Thrones” and the first episode starts with a gruesome action. The TV series has been compared with GoT and Vikings and some other offerings that have the ancient-times theme. In addition, you will see the famous Ben Kingsley that plays as Tut’s adviser and the great Alexander Siddig as Egypt’s high priest.

  1. Chernobyl Mini Series

The “Chernobyl” series was written and created by Craig Mazin and it was directed by Johan Renck, where the material culture of the Soviet Union is reproduced at an accuracy that has never been seen before in any Western television or film. Many people who are familiar with the Eastern Europe have tweeted and posted in awe the uncanny precision with the physical surroundings of the Soviet Union.

HBO’s mini series has become a favorite among the viewers and you can watch it on HBO, HBO GO, Netflix and even on the british television Sky. The Chernobyl series screens the true story of a man-made catastrophe, the nuclear disaster that occurred in Soviet Ukraine, April 1986. You will follow the courage of the women and men who fought to save Europe from this unimaginable disaster. In these series you will find out how and why this event happened.

  1. The Black Mirror

Initially an anthology film in three parts, but later it became a series where the first three parts became the first season. The Black Mirror series analyzes modern society, but especially the unexpected consequences of the new technologies. Each episode of the series is independent, and the action takes place in an alternate reality or in the near future. At first the series was created by the British television channel, Channel 4 in December 2011. However, Netflix bought the series in 2015 and ordered another series with 12 episodes that later became season 3 and 4. In 2018, Netflix also announced season 5 of the Black Mirror series.

  1. Breaking Bad

An older series, but still in everyone’s preferences due to its fascinating action. Originally, the series was aired on AMC for 5 seasons, and the suspense will make you binge-watch every episode. At the beginning the show had moderate viewership, however the show was made available on netflix as well, and it’s popularity grew with season four and five. You will follow the story of transforming a chemistry teacher into a great drug dealer, with situations that will instantly conquer you.

In addition to the popularity of Breaking Bad, a spin-off prequel series was created, called “Better Call Saul” has debuted on February 8, 2015 on AMC, where known Breaking Bad actors Bob Odenkirk, which was the smooth-talking lawyer Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill and Jonathan Ray Banks, who played as Mike Ehrmantraut were casted. Also, a sequel film, El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie, where Aaron Paul is also starring, was released on Netflix and in select theaters on October 11, 2019.

  1. Magic City

Magic City is an American drama created by Mitch Glazer for the Starz network. The series has drama mixes with “Mad Men” and “The Sopranos”, which resulted in a strong writing, a stronger acting, and a whole lot more of action and glamour. In addition, the Magic City series looks good enough to enjoy it, even if there is a little suspicion about the ingredients it has from those before, like The Sopranos. However, it also gives a visually reminiscent of those series, with enough to carve out a completely new angle.

The story is set in Miami Beach in 1959 and it centers around one man, Ike Evans, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that builds the immaculate Miramar Playa Hotel on a beachfront property. Here at this resort, people like celebrities, politicians and businessmen gather to play and have some fun. When we think of drama series similar to The Sopranos, we also think of the business that is going on around the main characters.

In addition, in Magic City, the hotel has everything, from pool parties to nightclubs, from business partnership to theatre performances. However, the story goes around the idea of obtaining a gambling legislation bill with many altercations happening between Ike and Ben Diamond. Here we see some of the main characters talking business while playing poker games.

In addition, Ike wants to add a casino into the hotel, but only during the second season the idea of having a legalised casino is more serious. Despite the end of Magic City, Starz network is developing a movie spin-off of the series, where the main characters will be played by the same actors. It is said that Bruce Willis and Bill Murray will also have starring roles.

Last Words

The landscape of TV streaming will change in an interesting way. Smaller networks, especially those delivered by cable or satellite will continue to exist but it will operate with smaller audiences. The key is the continuity of particular shows that offer situations with endless programming opportunities. Overall, these networks have shown an enormous staying power, which is about to change if they don’t go towards online streaming.