Time To Settle Down? Prince Harry ‘Starting To Feel Old’ Ahead Of 30th Birthday

Prince Harry is fast approaching his landmark 30th birthday and with his fun twenties soon to be left behind him, it’s no surprise the royal admits he is “starting to feel old” ahead of his big day, while also admitting to having “sleepless” nights in preparation for today’s Invictus games.

Harry, 29, will be celebrating the big 3-0 on September 15 marking a bright new chapter for the ‘party prince,’ who may want to think about hanging up his dancing shoes for a pair of slippers, with the prince admitting that his years have finally caught up with him.

Speaking at an event for his anticipated Invictus games recently, Harry said that he’ll “always young at heart,” according to BBC News, adding: “I’m slowly starting to feel old… I’m actually quite old. I think I am always young at heart. Surrounding myself with these guys and girls does keep me young. They’re sharp-witted and their sense of humour is on it.” Does this mean he’ll be settling down and starting a family soon?

Hazza won’t be slowing down just yet though as he’ll be launching his sports competition later today, which will feature more than 400 wounded servicemen and women from 13 countries going up against each other.

Prince Harry will be saying goodbye to his twenties next week (WENN)

The inaugural ceremony will take place today at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, kickstarting four days of the competitors taking part in nine adaptive sports including swimming, volleyball, indoor rowing, rugby and wheelchair basketball.

It’s not been an easy ride for Harry, who came up with the idea, and says that organising the event has cost him plenty of “sleepless night,” adding: “The Americans made it, I stole it, and we made it bigger,” in reference to the Warrior Games which take place in the US.