Tim Burton Eyes Up Angelina Jolie For Wicked Witch Role

Although Alice in Wonderland got a mixed reaction, the box office takings don’t lie, and Tim Burton’s remake of the children’s classic was a huge success.

And to capitalise on that, the director is taking on another children’s favourite, Sleeping Beauty.

According to the Guardian, Angelina Jolie is in talks to play Maleficent, the wicked fairy who puts the princess under a sleeping spell, after she pricks her finger on a magic spinning wheel.

The final casting for the project is yet to be announced but we think Ange would make a great villain. And could the film see Ange and Johnny Depp working together again? After all, what’s a Tim Burton film without the actor on board?!

Disney’s 1959 animation of Sleeping Beauty is close to everyone’s hearts, so how do you feel about Mr Burton taking on such a beloved story? Tell us on Twitter @areyouentwise