This theory on The Walking Dead’s ending is potentially mind-blowing, is the show nearly over!?

One of the things that makes hit AMC show The Walking Dead so great is undoubtedly the way that the creators always do their very best to ensure that the show is as realistic as possible. The zombies aren’t able to sprint (which given how gaunt their bodies are, they’d no way have the energy for that), they aren’t zombified as the result of some twisted magic (totes, unrealistic) but rather a crippling virus, and, as would happen in the real world, their bodies look more decomposed with the return of every season. Though given that we’re now on the fifth season, does that mean that the zombie’s days, and ours, are numbered?

Show producer and head of make-up and special effects, Greg Nicotero, has gone to the strict effort of ensuring that the zombie’s corpses decompose a little more each series and, in capturing the reality behind a corpse’s decomposition, could have essentially written the ending for us. There go all of those conspiracy theories.

According to Moviepilot, it’s been little more than 500 days since the zombie outbreak first erupted. That’s about a year and a half. According to science, and you just can’t argue with science, the way that bodies decay on the show is about right for bodies that have been dead for that amount of time. It apparently takes eight-12 years for a body to decompose if it’s buried six feet underground, but bodies above ground decay at a rate of about four times faster than that.


Greg Nicetero has made the zombies look more decomposed each season (Facebook/TheWalkingDead)

Therefore, if a body decays into a skeleton in two to three years could that mean that Rick and the gang don’t have that much longer to wait until their free from walkers? Or at least those who died at the peak of the invasion. Assuming that the vast majority were killed then, that would mean that there’s only another six months to a year to go before all of the zombie’s bodies have completely decomposed. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Well, I’ve seen some seriously mangled looking zombies and they still seem to be going,” that would be because their brains are untarnished. If it takes a shot (or most commonly knife, axe or nearby sharp object) to the brain to kill the walkers, that would suggest that the zombies do need their brains to continue operating. But, if their brains have completely dissolved within three years, then the threat of walkers surely disappears!? Well, except from those who died more recently.

This could essentially mean that Rick and the rest of the pack only have to keep under the radar in Alexandria for another six to 18 months before the threat posed by most of the walkers pretty much disappears, meaning baby Judith could grow up in a walker-free world. Of course, it’s not certain how many humans have been killed more recently, so we mustn’t get our hopes hope just yet. Though this would give show creators the opportunity to still end the show on a more innovative note. Underdog Eugene could actually discover a cure.. *cough cough*.