This photo of girl working out in the gym has the internet tripping out over her feet

This photo of a girl working out in the gym has got people weirded out.

While it might seem like a normal picture, a sneaky snap taken by a fellow gym-goer, it’s not quite that simple.

She appears to be either having a breather or screaming out in agony while she rests on a bench with her legs a part. It’s here where it gets tricky.

See below:

What is happening?

Why are they facing the WRONG way?

The internet struggled too.

While another wrote:”The feet are just weird but what really ups the double you tee eff factor for me is her thumb. Look at that thing. Look at it.
That being said, some people are just freakishly flexible. How and why she finds comfort in that contortion is beyond explanation though (Although, then there’s advanced yoga people out there flaunting their flexibility in front of us normies that struggle to bend down and tie our shoelaces even).”

Maybe this woman had it right.