This is why ladies have a little pocket in their panties

I have been wearing ladies’ knickers for over 30 years and today my whole life has changed now I know why there’s a pocket in my panties.

Ok, so not knowing wasn’t causing me a problem, but now there’s an actual reason for this apparent essential design that’s in pretty much ever pair of knickers I’ve ever worn.

#Mind Warehouse have put together a short little video that literally goes through all those life questions you may have found yourself asking from time to time.

The one that stuck out for me – aside from why there are lines in my toothpaste and bobbles on bobble hats – was the little pocket in my knickers.

here is the little panties pocket in question - you can fit three fingertips in it easily

I’ve NEVER thought that this was a secret hiding place, I mean – we’re not living in West World here – but, sometimes you just gotta ask why there’s a bit of useless material in the crotch area.

“Not many women know about the purpose of this weirdly-placed pocket, not to mention men,” it explains.

the explanation for it is in the process of fabrication - it's not actually a pocket

“The thing is, according to health standards, the inner layer has to be made from a special soft tissue. By the way, it applies both to women’s and men’s underwear.

“But the ladies panties are made in such a way that it’s impossible to attach this extra bit of fabric with two inner seams. In that case, one of them will make you uncomfortable. So on one side, they leave it unsewn.

“As a result, there’s a little pouch in there. Oddly enough, many people do think that it’s a special secret pocket for something really valuable.”

So bad news for those hoping that the little pocket was a great place to hide your stash. You could still do it, but it’s now what it’s there for. With many things in life the answer is less glamorous than you would have imagined. So in conclusion: the little pocket in panties is merely the result of a handy way to avoid two inner seams, and still give you the comfort of an extra layer.