‘This Is So Silly’: Neon Jungle’s Asami Zdrenka ‘Bored’ Of Harry Styles Dating Rumours

Harry Styles has been linked to plenty of women over the years but it seems there’s absolutely no truth to the latest speculation, that he’s dating Neon Jungle babe Asami Zdrenka. the singer completely shut down the romance claims once and for all, stating she’s “bored” of the rumours, when we caught up with Neon Jungle ladies this week. 

The ‘Louder’ songstress, who is gearing up for the release of Neon Jungle’s debut album ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ on Monday, has met One Direction hottie Harry at industry events in the past but it didn’t take long for the pop stars to be linked together with mounting rumours that they’ve been romancing behind closed doors.

Wouldn’t they make one hot couple?! (Neon Jungle/Instagram)

While they’d undoubtedly make one hot couple, Asami, 18, has brushed off the dating rumours, revealing that they’re not even friends.

When asked by EntertainmentWise if there’s anything going on between them, Asami replied: “Absolutely squiggly-poop. Nothing! He’s just a cool dude, I’ve met him twice being in Neon Jungle and I think people just latched onto that because it’s Harry Styles but it’s getting a bit boring like, ‘Really?’

“I’ve read so many things that apparently I’ve said or that have come out and I’m like, this is so silly! He’s a cool dude but nothing’s going on. We’re not even friends [laughs] We’re not in contact with each other, literally, I’ve met him a few times and he’s a cool dude.”

So they’re not dating now but does Harry stand a chance if he fancies wining and dining her later?

“Of course I would, yeah, it’s Harry Styles and a big Directioner,” Asami told us when quizzed if she’d agree to go on a date with the curly-haired cutie.

“Even just after talking to him he seems like a cool person, so yeah I would. But no plans for that in the future because I can’t be bothered with boys right now. Boys are annoying!”

Bandmate Jess Plummer added: We’re married to each other and Neon Jungle and our fans I think,” while Shereen chimed in: “I feel like we’ve got no time for relationships at the moment.”

“But that’s the best relationship with these girls and the people that support us,” Asami stated.

Who needs men, eh?! Sorry Harry!

Earlier this year, Asami’s bandmate Amira McCarthy told Heat magazine that she definitely saw an attraction between Harry and Asami, revealing: “I reckon there were sparks. He whispered in my ear that she’s hot.”

Sorry boys! Neon Jungle have no time for guys as they’re married to each other (Chris K. WENN)

Jess added: “He said that she’s amazing. He said ‘Asami’s really hot!’ and I was like ‘Yeah she is isn’t she!” Go on guys, make it happen!

Neon Jungle’s amazing new single ‘Louder’ is out now while their debut album ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ will be available from Monday.