This is how you can make money in the world of entertainment


The entertainment industry is very difficult to penetrate and hard to succeed in. It is where people make a lot of money or lose everything. It just requires a lot of patience, resilience, and investment to survive in the business. If you don’t have what it takes, maybe playing slots is a better alternative for you. Being in front of the camera is not the only way to make money in the entertainment industry.  

 Here are the various ways to earn money in the business.  

Join a game show 

Not so much different than playing slots at Slotexpert, TV game shows like Family Feud and The Price is Right have been around for more than 4 decades now. Players bring home prizes as much as USD 50,000 or nothing at all. Then you have game shows that test your IQ like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, where players can bring home the grand prize of a million dollars. If that is not your strength, there are game shows that test your physical abilities, like American Ninja Warrior where the pot is a sweet USD 1 million. Though auditioning may be required, it surely is worth it to get a shot at winning the major prize. 


Make short films 

If you are a budding filmmaker, there are many avenues for you to earn money. Most production companies look for an all-around guy who can produce, direct, and edit. If you can do all 3, with an all-in package fee, you are most likely to land a job or a project. You may not shoot your directorial debut yet but you will be able to build your credentials and experience. It will also expand your network and help you save money for that feature film you have been dying to make.  


Be a TV stand-in 

Some game shows conduct run-throughs before going on air. During run-throughs, they sometimes hire stand-ins for actual contestants to see how the show would run and how the “contestants” would react to situations. Sometimes, they even record a pilot to pitch to the network. Though these run-throughs may take hours, pay is around USD 26 for a couple of hours. Take note that auditioning may be required. 


Manage productions 

Production managers are essential in the entertainment industry as they manage budgets and contracts, handle negotiations, and oversee technical requirements of a production. They also take care of employment issues of a production and make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so filming or a live show goes without a hitch. Being a production manager may require working long hours but not as hectic as working in the technical area of a production. They also usually work where the production or shooting is held. Production managers earn an average of USD 67,000 in the US. 


Make costumes 

Any production cannot be mounted without the people behind the scenes. There are tons of work available. If you have a knack at sewing, work in the costume department. With fewer and fewer people knowing how to sew, the more difficult it is to find people to work in wardrobe. A theatrical production or a TV production requires costumes and wardrobe. These productions need people to sew and alter costumes for the entire cast. Seamstresses earn a minimum of USD 15 an hour in the US. And this work usually requires long hours, especially during theatrical runs or film shootings. But do expect to be on-call when involved in a production.