‘They Will Eventually Make The Perfect Couple’: Kelly Osbourne On Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez’s On/Off Romance

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s on/off romnace may be the talk of the world at the moment, but one person who thinks the two should take things slow is Bieber’s new pal and graffiti buddy Kelly Osbourne.

Bieber and his ex have sparked rumours of a reunion, nearly a year on from their split, after being spotted on a number of dates recently as well posing for a cosy Instagram pic posted by Justin a week ago.

Kelly, who has recently been hanging out with Bieber, was keen to air her opinion on her hit show ‘Fashion Police’ this week, urging the two to take their time with any rekindled relationship:

“Selena is so gorgeous, and so smart — and she’s a real lady,” Kelly gushed. “If they do grow up together, they will eventually make the perfect couple,” the presenter added, “but I think they’re allowed to be together, then not be together, be together. They’ll figure themselves out. Let it be.”

Are they back on? Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been spotted on a number of dates this month (WENN)

While she’s willing Justin and Selena to work it out, Kelly has been through her own heartbreak recently, announcing this week that she has split from fiance Matthew Mosshart, less than a year after getting engaged.

In her first interview since the split was confirmed, Kelly told E! News’ Guiliana Rancic: “It was a mutual decision. We love each other very much. It just wasn’t the right time for us, and I think if we weren’t as mature and adult [as] we are, then we could have gone down a road that wasn’t really nice.”

Just hours before the split was confirmed, Kelly was seen hanging out with Justin Bieber in Las Vegas where he shared his spray-painting skills.

Kelly hung out with Justin Bieber in Vegas this week (Instagram)

With some eyebrows raised over their unlikely friendship, Kelly explains how they came to meet up. “It was my best friend’s birthday,” Kelly explained to Guiliana.

“We stop by and all of a sudden there were people spray-painting and then I got a lesson on spray-painting from Justin Bieber and he’s really lovely and he’s really nice, completely different than the media perception.”

She added: “And then I really sat back and thought, ‘He ain’t half as bad as I was at his age, so he’s all right [laughs].”