These Trip Advisor Reviews For The Grand Budapest Hotel Are Amazing

Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel was a huge success when it hit cinemas earlier this year, and now as the movie lands on DVD one genius Trip Advisor user has gone and done this.

A page for the hotel in the movie has been set up on the world famous travel review site, with a stream of reviews posted for the pink palace in Anderson’s movie.

The film sees Jude Law visiting the Grand Budapest Hotel in the fictional European mountain country of Zubrowska where he meets the owner, Mr. Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham) who recounts the tale of how he came to own such an establishment.

The film then drifts back to1932, with Ralph Fiennes starring as Monsieur Gustave H, the beloved concierge of the Grand Budapest and Zero, a new lobby boy (Tony Revolori, playing the young version of Abraham’s character).

Judging by the Trip Advisor reviews, ‘visitors’ to the hotel have been more than satisfied with their experience, with the retreat already notching up an impressive 16 ‘Excellent’ ratings.

Many reviews point to the attentiveness of Gustave H. who is known for his fondness of the older lady.

“I went on holiday with my Nan here. It was alright. She had a giggle n that. It was a bit weird sharing a room with her at first but to be honest that Voldemort-lookin’ one was all over her and a couple of times I never heard her come back until well early in the morning so it worked…” writes one satisfied customer.

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Zero is also praised: “The entire staff at the hotel were of a very high standard, from the silent owner down to the junior lobby boy. Even the hotel lawyer was excellent although he disappeared during our stay after some trouble with his cat. I hope he’s OK.”

The local sights are well worth a trip according to this reviewer: “If you are staying here I highly recommend a trip down to the local town of Zubrowka to sample some of its many delights including skiing, a local monastery and Mendl’s bakery which has some heavenly cakes.”

Not everyone came away from the Grand Budapest enamoured though, with this writer awarding the establishment an ‘Average’ Trip Advisor rating: “Its best days may be behind it, but it’s at least quiet, and you never have to wait for a table at dinner time. As much as I enjoy the solitude, though, it’s not perfect. The elevator has the odor of some strong cologne that just won’t dissipate, and every so often a VERY creepy old man wanders around and sleeps in the servant’s quarters. I’m sorry, but somebody like that has no business amongst the classes that would be staying in a grand hotel.”