There’s a pretty good reason Coca Cola tastes better from McDonald’s

Have you ever wondered why when you have a Coca Cola from McDonald’s it’s like the best ever?

Some might have assumed that it’s because you’re super thirsty (owing to the grams of salt you’ve just inhaled with your burger and fries) or that you’re senses are out of whack because you’re hungover.

But no, there’s a real life reason.

Maccy D’s actually has a proper process to make sure they’re drinks have that extra zing.


According to research, the fast food giant uses a super water filtration system and with 85 per cent of Coke being water – it’s already been given a boost with the snazzy process.

But it’s also got to be at the right temp, and we’re not talking about whether you are adding ice here or not, it’s before it even gets to the cup. reports that the MaccyD’s keeps the syrup and the water chilled before it even gets to the dispenser.

America and football? A delicious Coke and food? Both timeless classics.

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While the dispenser is kept at just above freezing, the optimum temp required for CO2 levels *refers to periodic table*. In plain English, this will help keep the drink fizzy for a longer period of time.

Posting on his blog, Mark Proffitt claims that because the fast food giant is SO huge it doesn’t have to use plastic bags that some food outlets do. They’re orders as so vast they have the cola syrup delivered in massive stainless steel cylinders and it’s fresher.

McDonald’s also claim that the thicker straw they use was specially designed “so all that Coke taste can hit all your taste buds.” Not kidding. Even the straw is part of this.

But do the hundreds of calories really make it worth it? Let us know in the comments.