The Witcher Phenomenon: Three More Video Games that Are Destined for the Screen


On December 20th 2019, Netflix’s long-awaited adaptation of The Witcher finally hit the small screen. Starring Henry Cavill as the titular Geralt of Rivia, along with leading ladies Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan as Yennefer and Cirilla, it quickly became a pop culture phenomenon.
The series received rave reviews, with many claiming it as a natural successor of fantasy stalwart Game of Thrones, thanks to its fantastical creatures, complex storylines, and brooding antihero. What it proved, once and for all, was clear: that video games represent a largely untapped yet altogether promising source of content for screens big and small.
Unsurprisingly, the making of a slew of similar adaptations came quickly on its heels, with some having particular potential. Here are the three we’re most excited to see in 2020.

Monster Hunter

As its name suggests, the Monster Hunter franchise is set in a world where tracking, fighting, and capturing fantastical creatures is the aim of the game. Offering players the ability to design and create unique and original characters, it is largely devoid of complex storytelling, and yet we’re nonetheless excited to see what a talented filmmaker could do with this basic concept. Luckily, we won’t have to wait for long, as a movie adaptation is already in the works. Set to star Milla Jovovich, the actress best known for her starring role in Resident Evil, it appears to have all the elements for a most successful fantasy screenplay.

Resident Evil

While bringing video games to the small screen is a relatively new phenomenon, they’ve provided inspiration for many types of content over the years, such as the Resident Evil slot, books, and film series. Now, however, this particular game is about to make its debut as a TV show, with Netflix reportedly working in collaboration with the studio behind the movies. While it’s not yet clear whether this will be a standalone series or a tie-in, we do know one thing: we’re super excited to see it. But, if you find that you can’t wait, don’t fret: you have plenty of content to keep you going in the meantime, from the novels to the slot that’s available from PartyCasino. You can even use this exclusive bonus (link here) for $100 bonus money and 80 free spins to start you off.

Call of Duty

It’s no secret that there have long been calls for a Call of Duty film to hit the big screen, and this is another adaptation that we might soon be able to look forward to seeing. The epitome of military video games, CoD looks set to get its own movie makeover, with director Stefano Sollima at the helm. While production is said to be on hold indefinitely, what we do know is that the screenplay has potential, with Mr Sollima having plenty of experience when it comes to on-screen gunplay and urban combat. Because of his penchant for big explosions, however, many have suggested that the setting may be changed: from a World War II-era backdrop to a more contemporary landscape.
Tell us, which of these adaptations would you most like to see?