The Who’s Pete Townshend: Mick Jagger Is The Only Man I’ve Wanted To F**k

The Who’s Pete Townshend has revealed that he has a gay crush on Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, admitting that he is the only man he ever wanted to have sex with.

The musician revealed his feelings for Jagger in his new autobiography, Who I Am, and also said that the legendary frontman is the only man who has ever tempted him to beome gay.

“Mick is the only man I’ve ever seriously wanted to f***.”

Earlier this year during a press conference, Townshend said: “What I remember of the size of Mick Jagger’s penis – I remember it as being huge and extremely tasty.”

“I don’t remember anything about Roger’s… and wouldn’t dare to mention it,” he added. “Let’s hope that makes the internet.”

Does Mick Jagger do it for you? (Wenn)

The Rolling Stones are set to reunite for four special gigs later this year to coincide with the band’s 50th anniversary, according to reports.

The legendary rockers are said to have planned the shows in November with two dates at London’s O2 Arena and two at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, reports Billboard.

The gigs are said to have been planned by Richard Branson and Australian promoter Paul Dainty, who will shed out $25 million (£15.8 million) to the band for the mini-tour.

Frontman Mick Jagger confirmed last month that the band were planning on announcing a number of live shows to mark their 50th anniversary.