The Voice US: Adam Levine Channels Shakira With New Hair As Blake Shelton Compares Him To Meg Ryan

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine became the talk of The Voice last night when he appeared on the show with his new blonde hair.

Having given fans a glimpse of his new look just days before, Adam embraced his new hair colour as the show kicked off. But with his dark hair gone, the star found himself answering a range of questions from his fellow coaches.

Joking that he wanted to copy Shakira, Adam commented: “I don’t have an explanation. I woke up, I had the day off – and I thought like I’d look like Shakira. I needed some camaraderie over here. She and I are the two fierce blondes that have to be dealt with.”

However, it wasn’t just Shakira that Adam was compared to as he was also told his new hairstyle resembled that of finalist Kristen Merlin along with Blake Shelton suggesting that he looked like Hollywood star Meg Ryan.

Blake who shared Adam’s personal number on last week’s show, went on to say: “Wait a minute… that’s Adam? I though Meg Ryan was sitting in with us tonight.”

Knowing that he was going to get a jibe from Blake, Adam then went on to reveal that he thought about Blake when he was deciding whether or not to give himself the make over. Explaining his thoughts, the singer said:

“The only thing I thought about – the only thing I contemplated – was: Blake Shelton. He’s gonna have such a field day with me and I almost didn’t do it because I didn’t want to handle you and your dimply face smiling and mocking me all day.”

What do you make of Adam’s new look? Do you love it or hate it?