The Voice UK Contestants Told Lose Weight And Change Image

The Voice UK Contestants Told Lose Weight And Change Image

Photo: BBC Pictures

The Voice UK separated itself from other shows like The X Factor by claiming promised to focus on the vocal talent of the hopefuls, rather than their looks or other gimmicks, however reports have surfaced that stylists on the BBC show have been pressuring certain contestants to improve their image.

Now that the blind auditions and battle rounds are over, the contestants are focusing on tonight’s first round of live performances, but folk singer Matt Clubb, who made it through with childhood sweetheart Sueleen, is just one of the contestants who has allegedly clashed with TV bosses over their appearance.

Matt told The Daily Star: “They tried to cut my hair and shave my beard and I said, ‘I can probably take two or three of you down before you pin me down and shave it’. I said, ‘No, it’s part of me.'”

In response a BBC insider told the paper: “There was a suggestion that Matt lose a couple of inches off his hair and he declined.”

Jaz Ellington, a current frontrunner in the competition due to his amazing vocal talent, has also reportedly been told to change his appearance and so he has hired a personal trainer to help him become “pop star material,” according to the Daily Star.

Jaz confessed to the Daily Star: “I know it’s The Voice but I want to be the whole package. I do feel the pressure to make myself look good.”

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