The Voice Reject Sam Buttery Reveals He Got Paid On The Show

The Voice’s Sam Buttery has revealed that he got paid during his time on the BBC show.

Talking to The Sun about his exit on Saturday night, the hopeful who was axed from the show by his mentor Sir Tom Jones, revealed that he would not consider auditioning for the X Factor because he wouldn’t get the benefits he got from the BBC.

Revealing that the BBC paid for his performances, travel expenses, food and a flat for him and a few other hopefuls to stay during the shows, Sam, who was eliminated from the competition with Team Will’s Sophie Griffin, said:

“I wouldn’t be feeling this positive if I’d just been kicked off The X Factor. I think I’ve been treated really well. I haven’t tried out for The X Factor but I know people who have and they didn’t enjoy it as much.

“On The Voice you are called every day and asked how you’re feeling and you are paid the money to do what you do. They give you expenses money, money for food and a fee for performing and it’s in the interests of fairness. There is a professionalism to the show.”

The hopeful added: “We don’t get paid a lot but it’s a gesture. It makes you feel valued. I haven’t been left feeling exploited or anything. It’s massively gutting, I had a really nice experience. I was a bit weepy but I am OK, and I’ve learned a lot.”

Sam who sang ‘A Little Respect’ revealed that Tom gave him some words of advice after his exit.

“I went in and he looked really upset and he said he didn’t want anyone to go that it wasn’t an easy decision but it was the right one.

“I said to him that I’d had so much time with him and I said, ‘Even if I’d had one half-hour session with you, I would be happy’. I’m gutted to be out, but it’s not the end of me.”

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