The Vamps Talk Boy Band Competition, Debut Album ‘Meet The Vamps & Writing With McFly

The Vamps may be one of the many boy bands around but they certainly stand out from the crowd after enjoying chart success and growing their fan base around the world.

The British group will be releasing their debut album ‘Meet The Vamps’ on April 14, following on from their top five singles ‘Can We Dance’ and ‘Wild Heart,’ while third track ‘Last Night’ is out next week.

‘Meet The Vamps’ is out on April 14 (Packshot)

EntertainmentWise caught up with Connor Ball to discuss what happened when they went to dinner at Taylor Swift’s house, who they’ve been working with on their anticipated album and getting up to fun on their latest music video…

Fans are super excited about your debut album ‘Meet The Vamps,’ what can you tell us about it?

It’s awful you don’t want to hear it! No, it’s very energetic – we’ve got slow songs but then there’s the party tracks which when we play them live we can just jump about and have fun. We like the mix.

With their being a few of you in the band, how did you decide which songs to include on the album?

I think we all actually decided on the same ones but there were a few of them where some of us thought ‘Oh, we don’t know.’ But I think we worked well together on the whole.

Who have you been writing with for the record?

We’ve written with McFly who we toured with around the UK and so from that we ended up writing with them. Also a lot of producers, ones that the public may not know, but they’re well known in the industry.

Your first single ‘Can We Dance’ went in at number two on the charts and the second, ‘Wild Heart’ peaked at number three. Do you feel pressure to perform well with your new single ‘Last Night?’

It is kind of pressurised but at the same time we’ve got our album out next week so it is exciting for the majority.

It looks like you had a lot of fun with the party in the ‘Last Night’ video, did you get up to anything else that we didn’t see?

I think everything was caught on camera and in the video, it was really fun. We went around with hand-held cameras and got to film our own shots. But I guess everything we got up to you saw.

You’re recording with Savan Kotecha who’s famous for working with One Direction, should they be worried you’ve stolen their song writer?

[Laughs] He’s very talented and he’s got loads of great ideas so it’s good that we’re able to work with him, he’s really cool. We’ve done one track with him for the album.

You recorded a cover of 1D’s track ‘Midnight Memories’ recently so you can’t be too bothered about the comparisons…

No, it’s not a bad thing. They’re really successful so it’s good I guess. We enjoy their songs and covering them.

There are A LOT of boy bands on the scene at the moment – 5 Seconds of Summer, 1D, Union J etc – do you feel any competition?

We haven’t met One Direction but we’re friends, and we’ve spoken to 5 Seconds of Summer the last few times on Twitter. We’re also friends with Union J as we’ve done quite a lot of shows with them. There’s no competition!

5SOS are number one with their debut single ‘She Looks So Perfect,’ what do you think of the song?

It’s awesome, you get some songs that are like ‘no, go away,’ but we like it.’

5SOS (who hail from Australia) evidently have a fan base over here, are you planning on stealing their fans?

[Laughs] Yes that’s been our secret cunning plan from the start! But no, we’re fans.

Taylor Swift invited you over to her house in Los Angeles recently for dinner, what did you get up to?

James [McVey] likes Taylor! We all like Taylor. We played all her London dates with her, we just chilled and when she had her hair cut we were there. It was cool! Then she invited us round [to her LA home] and we just chilled.

Did she give you any musical advice?

Just more advice in terms of watching her. Her performance was amazing and we just took inspiration from that.