The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder Reveals His Hopes For Christmas Day Being About Relationships

The Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder has taken to Twitter to wish his fans and followers a happy Christmas.

In his Christmas message, the actor who has had a busy year, revealed that he wants the festive season to be about relationships rather than gifts. Taking to the social networking site, Ian, who split up with fellow TVD star Nina Dobrev earlier this year, tweeted:

He added a little later: “All the love in the world you amazing Social Mediaverse.”

Meanwhile, whilst Ian is hoping today will all be about relationships with loved ones, the same can’t be said for his TVD character Damon Salvatore who decided to end his relationship with Nina’s character Elena in a recent episode of the show.

Ian has wished his fans and followers on Twitter a happy Christmas (WENN)

And it appears fans of the supernatural drama were not expecting it. As the scenes played out, fans of the show took to Twitter to reveal their shock – with many using the caps lock tool on their keyboard to express it. One fan tweeted:

“MY DELENA FEELINGS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE. DAMON AND ELENA ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER WHAT IS THIS CRAP”, whilst another viewer of the super natural drama posted on the social networking site:


Annoyed with the show’s bosses for making Damon and Elena split, another fan said: “How dare they break up Elena and Damon, they were made for each other!!!#TVD.” Also feeling annoyed by their split was another fan who tweeted:

“@cwtvd how could u break Damon and Elena up!! I waited 4 seasons 4 them to be 2getha an they last all of 5 mins!!! 🙁 xxxxx (sic)”

However, it appears that not everyone is worried about Damon and Elena’s split as one fan noted on the social networking site: “I’m not that worried about elena breaking up WHICH SHOWED HOW SELFLESS DAMON IS BTW cause they’ll find a way back to each other :)))).”

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producer Caroline Dries has revealed that “the dynamic will certainly change”. She also added to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Moving forward, it will continue to hit some speed bumps here and there. I think the audience will be surprised by what we do. I think it’s one of my favorite parts of the show.”