The Saturdays Get ‘All Fired Up’, Talk One Direction And What Makes Them Sad

The Saturdays are on their way to becoming the UK’s biggest girlband, and while they have impressive track record, they are still awaiting their first ever UK number one single.

Mollie, Una and Vanessa gave us a call for an exclusive chat about why this track will be a hit and why they probably won’t dance to it in a club.

Check out what the girls had to say…

Q: Do you think ‘All Fired Up’ could be the long awaited first number one for The Saturdays?

Una: Well ‘Notorious’ did fantastically well and we’d be delighted to get into the top ten again. ‘All Fired Up’ has had fantastic feedback from the fans on Facebook and Twitter so we’re confident but at the same time we’d never say that if it doesn’t get to number one then it’s not a hit because we have lots of songs that’s people love that didn’t get to the top.

Q: All Fired Up is another big club track from The Saturdays, are you enjoying this new direction the group have taken?

Una: This is definitely the danciest song we’ve ever made and it’s the danciest track on the album too but there are lots of different styles on the album. We understand that dance music is very big at the moment and when you’re a pop act you can venture into differ rent genres. We’ve done al sorts in the past, Forever Is Over was pop-rock almost and there are lots of ballads on the new album too.

Q: Do you ever go out and hear your own songs being played in bars and clubs?

Vanessa: It’s actually really funny when it happens, it makes me laugh. We always want to dance along but you don’t know if people will just think you’re really sad for doing it!

Q: There’s stiff competition in the singles chart at the moment, you’re releasing ‘All Fired Up’ one week after Example releases his new song. How are relations between you and him? There is a bit of history there…

Mollie: That’s all kind of blown over really, we’d rather not even talk about him. Q: And the other competition comes from One Direction. Are you fans of those boys?

All: We love One Direction!

Mollie: We love their single so much and have been fans ever since The X Factor so wish them all the success in the world. They’re all so cute.

Q: Have any of them taken your eye? They’re very popular with the ladies.

Mollie: I think we need men and they’re only boys but we do love them.

Q: How was the video shoot for ‘All Fired Up’. It looks like it was a lot of fun…

Mollie: It was great actually. I mean videos are always really long days but this was a lot more relaxed than normal and we had a grea time.

Q: And how are the rehearsals for your Uk tour coming along?

Una: Well the tour is not until December but we’ve been busy auditioning dancers and we’re planning to discuss choreography in the next few weeks. We’re really busy with the album at the moment and that’s due out in November so it’s a busy time and we’re just trying to fit it all in.

Q: We spoke to Frankie earlier in the year and she was keen to have some sort of flying incorporated into the live show, is that something we might see?

Una: That just sounds like the ultimate dream but we’re still in the early stages of sorting that stuff out really. We came out of the ground on the ‘Headlines’ tour so maybe we’ll find a new way of entering the stage this time.

Q: You mentioned the album earlier, what stage are you at with that now? Is it finished?

Vanessa: Pretty much, we’re just adding the finishing touches to it now really I think. It’s really exciting for us because we’ve actually written half of this album ourselves and we’re so excited to be selecting the songs that have made it onto the album.

Q: Well we can’t wait to hear it, good luck with ‘All Fired Up’ girls, we’re sure it will be another huge hit!

All: Thank you, bye!

The Saturdays ‘All Fired Up’ is out now!

The Saturdays get All Fired Up…