The Recipe to Olivia Palermo’s Glam Wavy Hairstyle

Although at first sight this does look something super-easy to achieve, when you grab your hair products and tools and try to copycat her effortlessly chic looks, it always turns out to be something completely different from her luxurious style. Therefore we reveal here the recipe to Olivia Palermo’s glam waves following which you are sure to look like an it-girl yourself!

Step 1: Preparing the Hair

The key to success is to prepare the hair properly for the entire styling procedure. Thus as Olivia’s hair stylist reveals, instead of using a simple shampoo go for cleanse plus treat plus condition formula, which will give a healthy glow to your tresses after just one use. As we learn it from her stylist, Olivia’s fave product is Julien Farel Restore, which also has anti-aging properties. The fortifying minerals contained in the product penetrate into the hair boosting its density and granting the hair with the pleasant weightless finish.

Step 2: Toning Massage

Now, remove the moisture from the hair with the towel and comb it gently. Untangle the hair and apply a cream or a mousse for thick or fine hair (depending on the type of your own hair) and massage your scalp and hair with your fingertips. The trick is beating the cream well to get a liquid mass before its application.

Step 3: Get Rid of the Moisture Completely

It is here that Olivia uses a hair dryer to completely dry the hair. Direct the hair dryer to the roots of the hair and gently movie it down passing your fingers through the hair to help the heat penetrate into it and completely dry it.

Step 4: The Entire Styling Process

Take a ceramic curling brush of a medium size. Divide the hair into five sections, three of which should stay on the front part and the two on the back. Pass the curling brush through each section, starting from the roots and directing the heat of the dryer to the brush. Curl the tips of the hair gently.
Next, pull all the styled hair back and tweak the final details with the brush. Use a serum or a hair spray to set the waves and to secure their long lasting effect. And voila, Oliava Palermo’s waves can be yours too!

Besides her signature loose wavy hairstyles, Olivia also loves to play with different styles a lot, rocking classic buns, loose ponytails and side braids, lovely pinned updos and French twists, as well as simplistic yet totally bewitching straight loose hairstyles. And every time she manages to shine bright like any other celebrity appearing on the red carpet and inspiring us a lot for styling our special occasion and everyday looks with a bit more creativity and enthusiasm. Also check here for more interesting celebrity hairstyles and hair tutorials!