The Queen Gives Kate Middleton Lessons In Being Royal

The Queen Gives Kate Middleton Lessons In Being Royal

Photo: WENN

Kate Middleton intends to step out as a working Royal and who better to teach her than the Queen herself?

The Duchess of Cambridge is stepping out solo as Prince William embarks on his stint in the Falklands, but she needn’t fear becoming royally flustered; the Queen has offered her a series of training sessions to prepare her for life in the public eye.

Fine. So it IS a little bit like the movie ‘Princess Diaries’. Only instead of Anne Hathaway we have Kate, and instead of Julie Andrews we have Elizabeth II. Fingers crossed there’ll be a shade less mayhem as well…

Kate intends to set out on a series of solo engagements before her tour of the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Malaysia and Singapore with Prince William in September. We imagine that would be a little nervewracking; no wonder the Queen, who took to the throne 60 years ago, has invited her to the palace for regular lessons!

One source has claimed that Elizabeth II has taken quite a shine to her grandson’s new wife:

“The Queen has developed a great affection for Kate and wants her to feel fully supported. She knows how big a step carrying out official duties will be for Kate… The engagements they will carry out together promise to be invaluable learning opportunities for Kate, as well as being a real honour.”

We imagine the former Miss Middleton will be worthy of a crown herself come the Diamond Jubilee this summer!