The Highest Rated Casino Movies on IMDB

If you watch movies quite often, then you will know what a good resource IMDB can be. It can show you everything you need to know about a movie, and you can also find out the rating as well. The rating is compiled of thousands of votes, which all contribute to the overall score. This makes it a very good resource if you want to learn more about the good movies that are out there, while also being able to reap the benefits of quality entertainment.

Croupier- 7.1

Jack Manfred decides to make a return to the casino industry. He wants to write about the world of gambling, and he works as a dealer in a famous London casino. He then gets tangled up with a huge plan for the heist. If you want a good casino movie that doesn’t actually glorify gambling, then this is the solution for you. Jack is a very interesting character and the great thing about him is that he doesn’t reveal too much of himself. One thing is for certain, that Jack despises other players, and he loves nothing more than seeing them lose at the casino table.

Casino Royale- 8.0

This is the origin story of the famous James Bond. He gained his 00 status and he also got the license to kill as well. The agent is sent to Montenegro to attend a very high-stakes poker game. It’s run by the terrorist Le Chiffre. He is played by the famous Mads Mikkelsen. Bond’s primary objective is to try and beat the host so that he can force his hand and then get him to seek asylum. When he embarks on his adventure, he soon finds that he is accompanied by Vesper Lynd. During the tournament, he manages to culminate a pot of around $115,000,000 and soon everyone in the casino, even those who are playing slots, end up being involved in the situation.

Ocean’s 11- 7.7

Danny Ocean is a con-man who is able to get paroled. He hires a crew of other criminals and new talent, and he asks them all to join him on what would be a heist. This targets three casinos, all at the same time. The Mirage, the MGM and the Bellagio. They are all bursting with players, and they are loaded with money as well. The main thing is that Ocean has an ulterior motive and it’s to win his ex-wife back as soon as possible.

Casino- 8.2

This movie essentially covers the true story of a Vegas criminal. It covers everything from his past, and you can also see the interests that the Kansas City Mob has as well. If you want to find out more about this movie or if you want to see if it could be an option for you, then it’s certainly a classic and it is one that you will truly enjoy if you are a fan of De Niro or even the movies that he has done in the past.