The Diva Is Back! Selena Gomez Puts On Amazing Post-Rehab Show Following Justin Bieber Reunion

If you needed further proof that Selena Gomez is back to her best after a short spell in rehab then her first gig post-rehab will leave no doubt in your mind that the Disney star is back with a vengeance after putting on a flawless performance at the Borderfest in Texas.

The Come and Get singer’s return to the stage left fans in awe on Saturday night as she shimmied the night away in all-white while belting out her favourite hits to a jam-packed audience.

Selena works the crowd in Texas in all-white (Corbis / Splash News)

Selena looked absolutely stunning in a white bra top and floating dress that showed off her washboard tummy and toned legs.

We wonder if Selena’s electric performance had something to do with her secret rendezvous with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber over the weekend?

The pair were spotted having breakfast on Friday at Don Pepe’s in Hidalgo County and later that day hooked up again for a trip to Starbucks.

The singer made her first stage appearance since going to rehab (Corbis / Splash News)

The on/off couple’s reunion was followed by another date a day later which saw the two enjoying a game of Laser tag on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses told local paper The Monitor that the pair seemed “really happy”.

“Justin is really fun,” an employee revealed. “He won the game and he came to the counter like ‘I won! I won!'”

Selena was all smiles as she hit the stage (News Deano / Splash News)

The superstar also reportedly cleaned the venue out of its entire supply of Sourpatch sticks. “He comes to the counter and says ‘I want a candy’ and (we’re) like ‘How many do you want?’ and he’s like ‘All of them,'” Elias said.

Has Justin put the smile back on Selena’s face?