‘That’s Some Pretty Good Weed’: Paul McCartney ‘Halts Concert After Smelling Marijuana From Crowd’

Paul McCartney may be in his 70s but the singer clearly hasn’t lost his sharp wit which left audiences in stitches when he decided to halt his recent gig in the US  to admire the smell of marijuana in the air.

The former Beatles star was just one of the guests headlining the Bonnaroo music festival on Friday night in Tennessee, treating crowds to a 38-song set.

Paul clearly hasn’t lost his sense of humour (Visual/WENN)

However, the 70-year-old musician brought his set to a grinding halt after getting a whiff of marijuana wafting through the crowd, according to Billboard.

However, far from condemning the use of the drug, the veteran singer used the occasion to share a joke with his fans, admitting that the fumes were pretty intense.

“That’s some pretty good weed I can smell up here,” he said halfway through his set, adding “Whew! What are you doing to me?”

Also at the festival were reunited rap group Wu-Tang Clan and Jack Johnson, who stepped in to replace Mumford & Sons following news bassist, Ted Dwane, was hospitalised for brain surgery.

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