Teacher calms and babysits student’s child during his lecture

We might have just found ourselves one of the greatest professors in teaching history, who not only doubles up as an academic but also a babysitter!

The photo above was reportedly taken at a small college in Jerusalem but has since been seen over half a million times on image-sharing site Imgur.

The snap was allegedly taken after one of the students came in with her baby son because she didn’t have anybody to watch him. Eventually the tot began crying in the middle of the class, so his mum, all embarrassed, got up to leave before being stopped by her teacher.

Instead of helping her out by giving her the work to complete at home, he went one step further and took her child, calmed him and continued teaching the rest of the lesson so his mother could continue with her education. What a man!

Almost more amusing than the photo are the comments Imgur users have written below the snap. “Plot twist: He is the father,” one person wrote. “Why doesn’t my professor hold me when I cry during his lectures?” another quipped. And in another hilarious, yet completely false plot twist, another user writes: “Plot twist: he refuses to give back the baby and puts it in his desk drawer like a confiscated cell phone.”

But some comments were extremely touching, as many couldn’t help praise the teacher for, quite obviously, giving a damn about his student’s future.

“I can’t even begin to image how much that probably meant to her – knowing that someone valued her education and supported her that much,” one of the top comments read. “Good for him for understanding how hard it is for her to be a student and a mother and that she’s trying to better herself for her son,” wrote another. What a great guy!