Taylor Swift ‘Responsible For Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Reconciliation’

Taylor Swift may be busy fending off rumours she is dating a host of celebrity men including Harry Styles, but she still has time for her friends and is said to be responsible for Selena Gomez taking Justin Bieber back after their split.

Spring Breakers actress Selena is said to have dumped Justin three weeks ago after ‘growing tired’ of him ‘flirting’ with other girls including a Victoria’s Secret model. However, they appear to have reconciled their relationship and sources close to the couple say their best pal Taylor Swift had a part to play.

“When Selena hung out with Taylor she was really stressed out and frazzled about everything with Justin. But Taylor reminded her how crazy Justin is over her and to just try to stay above the fray,” a source told RadarOnline.

“The problem between them stemmed from Justin texting other girls. So Selena is embarrassed by what he did because it makes her look stupid, that he would talk to these other girls, and she is also embarrassed that everyone is so invested in their relationship now because of his actions.”

Justin and Selena were seen heading to dinner together last Friday but speculation mounted that the couple had an argument after Selena was seen walking out of the restaurant just 10 minutes later. But the insider has downplayed the incident, insisting there was no row and they only left because of the attention they were receiving.

“There was no blow up. Selena is just super embarrassed by all of this attention surrounding their relationship and she got upset when they sat down and people were staring and pulling out their cell phones,” the source explained.

“She was uncomfortable and wanted out of there, and that’s why they left almost immediately.”

Sounds like Taylor is a friend Selena wants to hang on to!