Taylor Swift ‘Is Beyond Yesterday’s News: Why Harry Styles Isn’t Bothered By ‘Out Of The Woods’

Taylor Swift is known for calling out her exes in her songs, but if the rumours are true and her latest track, Out of the Woods, is about Harry Styles, he certainly isn’t rising to it.

Before the song was even released there were claims it was about the One Direction star. And after a quick listen to the lyrics, “Last December, we were built to fall apart,” – she dated Harry in December. And, “Your necklace hanging from my neck,” – she was known for wearing his paper plane necklace while they were together. It seems pretty clear who the song is about.

However, it doesn’t look like Harry is letting it get him down, with a friend of the curly haired hottie telling HollywoodLife, the star “is not bothered.”


“Harry is not bothered by yet another song about him. Taylor is beyond yesterday’s news and he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, he has moved on and doesn’t think about her at all,” the source told the site.

“Harry doesn’t want to respond as well because then it will seem he cares, so he is just hoping that it will all go away and she will stop talking about him in interviews or songs or whatever. She needs to get over it.”

Do you think Taylor’s new track is about Harry? Have a listen to the song below and see what you think.